About GrimmGreen

My Name is Nicholas, and I currently live in the beautifully insane Los Angeles California.  All the stories you have heard about traffic are real.

I’m a long time musician and have played in many bands, covering various genres of music, though at my core i’ll always be a METAL guy.  I love getting tattooed,  I love traveling, I love Star Wars, and at any given moment I would rather be at Disneyland than anywhere else.  I’m a believer of science, a long time skeptic and libertarian freedom guy.

I started smoking around the 7th grade, It was a typical peer pressure situation.  And although I had my fair share of cigarettes over the next 10 years I never really considered myself a REAL smoker util I was in my 20’s.  Being in a rock band and smoking seem to go hand in hand right?  I paused briefly for a job in 2005, but the call of the cigarette was too strong.  After planning a trip to Las Vegas in 2008 I knew that being in the casino, sitting at the blackjack table, having cocktails would be the perfect environment for me to start smoking again.

Not really wanting this to happen I literally googled “Fake cigarette” and somehow found some videos by Leaford.  This Smoke51 video is THE video I consider the video that got me interested in vaping

Of course I bought a Smoke51 off of eBay for WAY to much money, and it didn’t really work the way I had hoped. But it was enough to get me fascinated with ecigs.  I had no guidance so I assumed that a cartomizer would last me for ever.  Clearly this was not the case.  A few weeks later I got some juice, and a DSE901 kit.  In February of 2009 is when I shot my first video.  With no real idea what I was doing, I was just so excited that I wanted to share this experience with everyone around me.  I watched Scott’s (Igetcha 69)s videos religiously and fully credit him for keeping me excited about vaping when I was feeling lost.

Everything I bought I put on video.  It was really all down hill from there.  Buying vape gear, getting into the community,  this was back when ECF was only a few thousand people.  Everyone knew everyone.

I was lucky enough with the help of Vaporcast to attend the very first big vape meet ( Vapefest2010 ) in March of 2010.

I love vaping, I love being deeply involved in the community and I love helping where I can.

If you have any questions you can always email me Nick@grimmgreen.com

Vape well and vape often my friends