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We have all been there. Maybe it’s Twitter, maybe it’s Facebook.  You’re in a “heated discussion” about vaping / tobacco harm reduction, and you wish you had that one article, or that one link, or that one quote from that one guy to help prove your point.   Well that’s what I’m trying to do here.  Think of this as social media “ammo.”

This is my personally cultivated collection of links and media that I use to fight misinformation across the internet.  Don’t just copy / paste these articles and studies.  Read them and absorb them, so when the time comes you can recall them and speak to them.  An educated and informed advocate is an effective advocate.

This will be a “living” document. It will be edited and added to as new information comes in and old information changes.

Links ————

The Original RCP report on Tobacco Harm Reduction

2017 Cancer Research UK

2015 – Sally Satel – Nicotine isn’t the real villain 

New England Journal of Medicine – 2019 – randomized trial of E-cigs VS NRT

Public Health UK – Clearing up some myths around e-cigarettes

2019 – Expert Reaction to Study of Smoking Cessation

Where anti Vaxxers and Anti Vapers meet

E-Cigarette bans undermine decades of anti smoking efforts

Newsweek – Mystery vaping illness, shouldn’t  stop people from using e-cigarettes to quit

2018 – Vaping reversing the harms of COPD

Cancer Research UK – Does vaping cause popcorn lung?

2017 – 3.5 year study on never smokers who picked up vaping

FDA Created dangerous and illegal vapes

Dank Vapes / TKO brands linked to vaping illness

Addiction expert says e-cigs are “holy grail” of public health

Not one lung illness linked to legal nicotine vaping

Hysteria over e-cigs could cost lives

95% less harmful evidence update

Is there an epidemic of youth vaping? (Australia)

Vape Bans won’t make you safer

2019 – CNN Vaping may be better hearth health 

Experts react to vaping study done on mice

Cardiovascular effects of switching from smoking to vaping

Google Doc with links to over 300+ additional studies done on vaping in the past decade

Most Young People Do Not Vape, And even fewer vape regularly Effectiveness of Electronic Cigarettes in Smoking Cessation: a Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Media—-  Credit goes to the original creators.  I did not make any of these, they are all stolen from across social media.



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Correlation does not equal causation