Vape Pod Hall Of Fame

This is where pods from the “PODS RANKED” videos end up getting retired. These are the “Hall Of Fame” pods in my humble opinion.

The Wenax K1

The Wenax K1 never really got it’s own video video, it was included in my first ever “Pods Ranked” video. This is truly an amazing pod. I’ve run it with high VG liquids ( 80% VG ) with no issues. It will work with salt-nic or freebase. 50/50 pg/vg will also work flawlessly. The pods are crispy and nice, I get a good long life from them.

The Wendax K1 is slick, lightweight and pocketable ( and hands free ). It has a manual button and airflow activation. The manual button can be turned off independently of the airflow switch to help prevent miss-fires in your pocket or bag.

If there is one pod system I vouch for above most others, it’s the Wenax K1

The VooPoo V-Thru / V-Mate

Again, much like the Wenax K1 the V-mate / V-Thru kinda never really got it’s own full video. It was included with another VooPoo (Drag X ) product. Much like the K1 this is a pod system I will vouch all day for. The draw and flavor are delightful. The form factor is slick and techy.

The V-Mate is the more simple version of the V-THRU, the V-Mate lacks a few bells and whistles from the V-THRU version including the display screen. The pods are compatible across the V-Thru / V-Mate series and they vape really really well.

The bigger battery is also a huge plus IMO