Meet “GRIMM” Green

My Name is Nicholas Green, and I currently live in the beautifully chaotic Los Angeles California with my wife and our canine children Neko and Murphy.

Personally, I’m a long time musician and have played in dozens of bands, covering various genres of music from sludge-doom to Indie-Rock/pop, though at my core I’ll always be a metal guy. I love getting tattooed, I love traveling, I love Star Wars, and at any given moment I would rather be at Disneyland than anywhere else.  I’m a believer of science, a long time skeptic and “California Libertarian”. #VoteGold. I believe the lesser of two evils is still evil, and I believe that the enemy of my enemy is not my friend.

I started smoking cigarettes around the 7th grade. It was a typical peer pressure situation and, although I had my fair share of cigarettes over the next few years, I never really considered myself a REAL smoker until I was out of High School. I Loved smoking and I smoked most any tobacco. Lots and lots of cigars went along with the cigarettes. The Kool blue box was my brand. I paused my smoking successfully for a few years in a row when I was 26, but the call of the cigarette was too strong.  After planning a trip to Las Vegas in 2008, I knew that being in the casino, sitting at the blackjack table, having cocktails would be the perfect environment for me to start smoking again.

Not really wanting this to happen I literally googled “Fake cigarette” and somehow found some videos by Leaford.  This Smoke51 video is THE video I consider the video that got me interested in vaping

Of course I bought a Smoke51 off of eBay for WAY to much money, and it didn’t really work the way I had hoped. But it was enough to get me fascinated with ecigs.  I had no guidance so I assumed that what I had purchased would last me forever. Clearly this was not the case as I ran out of most everything I needed in a matter of days.  A few weeks later I got some juice, a DSE901 kit, spares, the whole 9 yards. In March of 2009, I shot my first video with no real idea what I was doing, I was just so excited and I wanted to share this experience with everyone around me, more importantly I wanted to tell smokers about this. I had no guidance when I was starting out, and I wanted to help be that guidance for the next smoker looking to switch.  I watched Scott’s (Igetcha 69)s videos religiously and fully credit him for keeping me excited about vaping when I was feeling lost.

In the 14 years in between then and now, I’ve been lucky enough to travel the globe attending vape shows, giving talks, sitting on panels and meeting and talking with fellow ex-smokers. I’ve organized a few vape shows myself. I’ve had the honor of sitting on panel discussions regarding vape legislation and harm reduction with people like Dr Marewa Glover and Alex Wodak. I racked up over 402,000 subs on YouTube somehow and uploaded over a thousand videos and livestreams, with over 96 million views. 160K #GrimmArmy fam on Instagram, 45K Twitter followers. I’ve been on TV a few times, I got to be in a feature length documentary You Don’t Know Nicotine. I’ve been featured in The Guardian, Twice. I also Ended up in Rolling Stone magazine and in Vice as well for some reason. All just because I wanted to quit smoking and help other smokers quit.

Vaping is going to save billions of lives in this century. Literally all of the science shows this. Vaping is the consumer created solution to the smoking problem. Vaping succeeded where the health orgs failed, vaping succeeded where Campaign For Tobacco Free Kids failed, vaping succeeded where FDA has failed. Harm reduction works period, it’s the same reason I put on my seatbelt when I drive a car. If you currently smoke cigarettes, there has been no better time to stop.  There are a multitude of safer nicotine products on the market.  Quitting smoking is awful and vaping honestly makes it not-that-bad.

I love vaping, I love being involved in the community, and I love helping where I can.

If you have any questions you can always email me

Vape well and vape often my friends.

-Nicholas “Grimm” Green