“Crackle” or “popping” is generally considered a desirable experience from a vaporizer (RDA / RTA ) but how and why does it happen? what methods can we use to consistently create the deep crackle? does wire matter? do coils matter? diameter? cotton density? surface area?

Today Adam Breezetones and I are going to hold the first ever CRACKLE COUNCIL and do a bit of a deep dive into the phenomenon known as coil-crackle.

Bit of a longer one for a more complex device. I also want to say that i’m really happy with this video, I don’t think I say that ever. Believe it or not I have fun shooting and editing and I had a lot of fun doing this video. So I really hope you enjoy it. Now then….. I honestly probably could have spent more time trying every accessory, when I say this thing does a lot, it really does a lot. It does it all pretty well too, I don’t love the rotating pressure lock system. I find it cumbersome as I said in the video.

Everything I have put on this has worked without issue. My first grey ABYSS did on a few occasions dump out my tank when I had a billet bridge in it, this newer version has not done that at all.

I didn’t realize there was another follow up to the 2018 Study with roughly the same name. This was published in October 2020 and once again follows up on 29 of the original 44 smoking adults involved in the study. The aim of the study? “a long-term prospective assessment of respiratory parameters in a cohort of COPD patients who ceased or substantially reduced conventional cigarette use with ECs.”

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The big topic this week in the vape / tobacco control space is a “manifesto” of sorts. A paper put out by veteran tobacco control leader Cliff Douglas. Cliff Douglas has worked in tobacco control for 33 years, he founded the American Lung Association Center For tobacco Control. This guy is a huge deal and has written a pretty earth shaking paper.

We are going to dive into it, talk about our take aways and discuss what this means for the bigger tobacco control landscape and how I believe this will be one of the catalysts for mainstream vape acceptance.

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Today we are going to spend some time talking about a piece from the Wall Street Journal discussing how Smoking’s Long Decline Is Over, Cigarette sales are up, people are smoking more and more cigarettes. But why?

We’re also going to spend a little time today discussing the American Cancer Society and in spite of all of the overwhelming evidence they continue to NOT recommend e-cigs for quitting smoking. More than that they deter people from even trying. Cancer Research UK on the other hand? Prepare to be not that shocked. There is some other good news, some other less than good news. We are here to discredit the myth making machine.

Welcome friends to tonight’s LIVE VLOG 1/26/20!!! Timestamps are the first pinned comment under this video.

We will be going through many of the regular segments tonight including Beer, Vape Mail, Liquid Tasting, Retro Vaping and more! Gates open, come on in!

We got NO MAIL TONIGHT!!! which is fine, because there are LOTS of other activities to be had. I have a Retro vape tonight that i’m almost positive none have you have heard of ( Except for the review I did in 2017 ) . Extra pumped for this weeks liquid tasting as well. Tuck in, grab something cold to drink get your vapes and let’s do the damn thing. Welcome.

Also yesterday was 12 YEARS CIGARETTE FREE for me! hard to believe i’ve been on YouTube that damn long. Oh also tonight for Getting To Know GrimmGreen we are going to BAKE A CAKE!! not even joking.

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If i’m being really really honest here, this Mongrel RDA has been sitting in my office for close to a full month now. Which in the vape world might as well be 6 months. The Mongrel RDA is a 24mm single coil guy. Really interesting looking airflow and airflow inserts. After a few dry toots the airflow feels pretty nice. Leaning toward the “sharp” side, but I still have faith this Mongrel RDA will deliver for me.

So let’s build it together!!!
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