It’s Build ‘n Chill Monday! WOOO!! Friend of the stream Twisted Messes is back today to be our sherpa up coil building mountain. Nick Devine was on last week and introduced me to 2 core aliens coils and I want to succeed with these desperately, so I’m going in again. Took 3 times, but I finally got enough for a single coil. Hell yeah.

Twisted Messes also made some GODERTTON coils that I’m trying to get him to build me a set of. I need him to explain this sorcery of coil building.

The WoToFo SRPNT RDA isn’t awful by any stretch, the issue is it’s just not that awesome. Honestly, for the price even if all you did was rock a big 5mm single coil in this, it’s kinda great. Dual coils which I greatly prefer are unfortunately quite a pain in the ass.

Airflow is surprisingly smooth and just very slightly restricted IMO. Flavor is what I would expect from an RDA like this.

Mother, Trucking, VLOG DAY YOU GUYS! Welcome! those timestamps are the first pinned comment under this video. Got one hell of an action packed VLOG for everyone tonight. We’ve got an EPIC BEER tonight, we have some QP VAPE MAIL TONIGHT, retro vapings, liquid tastings, getting to know GrimmGreen possibly, and some news.

Get mad and get active in Canada. They have truly gone off the rails. It’s like a CFTFK Fast Track or something. Use the links below. Defend VAPING!

USB TYPE C! right in the front, didn’t even mention it. The Wotofo MDURA is beefy like Geekvape used to be beefy. This feels like an old AEGIS to me, but somehow…. beefier? Really solid device, it’s not revolutionary, but it is very modern and cool. The screen and UI are really nice to use. Fat clicky fire button, dual 18650, boom roasted. While this might not stay on my desk very long. The Wotofo MDURA is going to be one of those “workhorse” type mods.

Welcome back to TBN. Vape industry news, advocacy, and information. We have really only one main topic today, but it’s a doozie. Bloomberg and Campaign For Tobacco Free Kids have been meddling in foreign governments. Michelle Minton from CEI is here to help us break down her recent paper regarding some internal leaked Campaign For Tobacco Free Kids documents.

For regular viewers of TBN this isn’t going to seem like super shocking stuff, but believe it or not, it gets more shocking and now we actually have documents showing the agenda. Prohibition on all alternate forms of nicotine. They have the money and influence and they are starting with LMIC countries. I mean after the USA and Canada, those were easy.

It’s Build ‘n Chill Monday! In addition to Twisted Messes joining us again, today we are also being joined by the legendary builder Nick Devine ( @N.Devine86 ). When we talk about “OG” coil builders we often talk about people Kent and Squidoode and Blue Eyed Goon, but Nick Devine is an unsung OG Coil builder. In addition to his impressive Instagram following, Nick Devine has also been doing coil building lessons on YouTube for years now. He helped me today and gave me some great insight into doing a proper Alien. I’m going to practice these 2 core Alien coils Nick! THANKS!

I’m having a hard time denying the “just keep grabbing for it” mindset. Apart from being a solid direct lung vape, it just has that easy form factor that I really like to handle. Simple and easy, single 18650.

It’s not a REVOLUTIONARY product, we have seen most to all of this before, but Uwell does it well. As I said, it feels finished and complete. For a mod-pod banger, this is high on the list.

IT IS FINALLY MOTHER TRUCKING THURSDAY!! VLOG DAY WOOO! Ok Let’s just have a rad as hell, posi-core VAPE VLOG!! Welcome! those timestamps are the fist pinned comment under this video. Going to be doing a whole mess of liquid tastings tonight!! I’ll explain everything we we truck through the segments tonight including Beer, Retro Vapings, a whole LOAD of vape mail, Getting to know GrimmGreen and some news.

Same as last week, after 10 years of truly relentless advocacy…. i’m… f***ing spent. So there will be a little rage news tonight, nothing new there. Defend VAPING!

Kent is here AGAIN today to join our Build ‘n Chill and to bestow his years of expertise and experience upon us. Any coil building questions? This is the guy to ask. I think today we’re going to Build ‘n Chill some Staggered Fused Claptons into my Haku Phenom RDA with Kent. Aliens are also always on the table, I got a drill clamp and a few other tools and odds and ends to help with building them that I want to give a try. Everything kinda suddenly “clicks” for me at about 02:40:32

Come Build ‘n Chill with me and Twisted Messes, gates open come on in.