Would you put up with the hassle of filling this boro tank for such a nice device? I want to know! COMMENT! But honestly, look at this thing man. I assure you that the sliding door is every bit as satisfying as you think it is. I’ve grown to adore the button placement. I honestly can’t get enough of this HOKO-E mod.

This thing comes All the way from Barcelona from Mod Corporation.

Not much else I can say here about the Ripsaw RDA. I don’t want people thinking the flavor is “BAD” on this RDA. It feels slightly muted, and not as saturated as I would like. Bit of a rough go, but as I said in the video. It might just not be for me.

I explained this top-down-airflow saturation phenomenon in an old video from FEB 2016. It’s the Aeolus Lite RDA video here (link to the video).

I guess the thing getting the most banana stickers are the pods themselves rather than the vessel you choose to use. The Vmate-E is bigger and heavier, I think it’s supposed to be “feminine” but.. it’s just honkin.

I don’t hate it, but I personally want smaller and lighter-weight pods these days. The Vmate INFINITY is almost exactly what I wanted; unfortunately, it’s basically an updated Vmate battery, with a bit more open airflow.

Confirmed airflow sizes are 1.5mm MTL and 3.5mm RDL. There is also an extended tank for this RTA as well as 1, 1.2, 1.8, 2, 2.5, and 3mm airflow pins. I might possibly do a follow-up video / stream later when I can get them.

Otherwise this JIIIS ( J3S ) RTA as I said, is kinda just rad sauce. All the fit and finish is stellar, the deck is tricky to wick I’m not going to lie. The re-wick after this video on the MTL did get actually leaky on me. Like leak out the airflow leaky. It takes some practice IMO to really nail it down consistently. Flavor nation Utah though.

So it turns out you can kind of accidentally cover up the airflow on the Aegis BOOST2. A few times today in the car my bottom lip sort of… went too low and covered it up. Still not a dealbreaker, just something to be aware of.

The Aegis BOOST 2 B-Series coil heads are honestly really great, super crispy and flavorful. I’m expecting to see an Aegis BOOST 2 “PRO” or something in the not-too-distant future that will have a replaceable 18650; for now, you just get an internal 2000mah battery.

Got this in Dubai, used it through Germany, and finally back home. The flavor is a bit lacking, but everything else is overall awesome. The cap works well, but can also just be discarded and you can use this like any other pod. I see the appeal of it though.

The battery and coil life are the real winners here. 700mah is pretty great when you are used to 300-400mah batteries. Feels like this could be a long-lasting fairly durable pod.