Here’s the thing, I actually don’t hate the GeekVape E-100. I wish with all of my wishes that it was a single 21700 battery configuration on the inside. These P-Series coil heads are very flavorful and designed for cloud chasing; they wick liquid very very efficiently and quickly. But that is also kind of the problem because this device loves to be vaped. If you leave these coil heads sitting in the tank, sitting in liquid for too long, it’s just gurgle city Utah.

I found it easy to Vape through the gurgle. It goes away after about 4 to 5 pulls, but almost every time I pick this thing up the Gurgle is there.

The new XROS pods are easily some of the most long-lasting pods honestly… in all of vaping. They rarely let me down and never leak, assuming I keep my play area clean. Turned out to be a much bigger fan of the full-size XROS3 rather than the XROS mini. Being able to adjust my airflow ( in an actually good way ) is priceless.

I do not, and did not, attempt the 0.6ohm coil as a restricted direct lung. This Xros 3 was judged purely on its MTL ( Mouth to lung ) vape ability.

It’s almost like Mission XV designed this ASTRO mod specifically for me. I Love the handfeel more than words can really describe. It’s not as customizable as the Billet Box is, but it still has some panels that can be replaced, and probably the battery door. The ASTRO is a win all around.

Crazy difficult to acquire and pricier than you think