As I said in the video, If you haven’t held or tried a 3D Printed mod recently, give it another shot. Maybe I’m late to the party here, but 3D printing really has come a long way. This feels like a finished consumer product and much more durable than “home 3D Printed” devices in the past.

DNA100C is pretty snappy and nice, it can do a lot that I don’t care about, but I know lots of people will. I wish it had a solid bypass mode and I wish the UI wasn’t so awful.

Welcome friends to tonight’s LIVE VLOG 4/29/21!!! Timestamps are the first pinned comment under this video. We will be going through a few of the regular segments tonight including Beer, Vape Mail (which includes a new BOXER 21700 mod!), Liquid Tasting ..nopeā€¦and probably a little news.

We can then spend the rest of the VLOG doing an AMA. Obviously, superchat questions will get through better, but I will absolutely keep an eye on the chat. I’m mostly an open book, I probably won’t comment on anything too intrusive or deeply personal. Feel free to ask away.

Full lineup tonight! Chances are we will be running long.