I have a feeling most everybody will go for the VooPoo Argus XT due to the swapable 18650. Me personally… for some reason… I just really have always liked an internal battery device so it’s Argus MT all the way for me. I really like them for traveling. I guess this goes back to that old Innokin MVP from back in the day.

Anyway, the MAAT tank is ugly, and one of my coils was DOA, but the remaining coils vape like a good TPP coil head does. Also one last time… the finish on this VooPoo Argus MT is really a thing of beauty.

Having never used the original MAG devices from Smok, I totally see the appeal of them. The Smok MAG 18 fits in my hand like it was made for it. Super comfy experience. The TFV18 tank is good, but kinda just good. It’s my least favorite part of this kit. If I could get the MAG 18 with the TFV18 mini tank, then we would really have something.

Had some altitude-related leaking, but not any still in my day-to-day normal use. Everything on this device held up wonderfully, even the coil head lasted a few weeks.

Here’s the thing, the VooPoo Argus GT2 mod is pretty bang on. I worry about the door sometimes, but honestly overall in my day-to-day use ( without whacking it with a piece of wood ) it feels quite secure. The hand feel is baller and the weight is kinda just right. In my opinion, it’s not quite as cool as the OG VooPoo Argus GT.

I’ll pass on this MAAT tank if I’m being really truthful. The airflow isn’t really my favorite, it gets a little sharp and sometimes choppy.

These really really really got off to a strong start man. The Target 200 got a solid week of use before I even opened up the Target 100. I started noticing little annoyances, and it really went downhill fast. The GTX coil heads I’m really into. I don’t remember them being quite this good.

Shame about the doors, shame about that platform on top. I’m not exaggerating when I say this 200w ( even now with its problems ) could have been a daily banger for me. Vaporesso killed it with that texture, the whole device feels awesome 9,000.

I’m not one for gimmicky coil heads. Innokin’s “DUO PRIME” coil heads for the Kroma 217 seem really gimmicky at first, turns out they are actually the best coil heads that INNOKIN has ever released. Evidently, there is another layer of mesh in the layers of cotton that warms up and helps draw liquid into the coil head. All I know is the 0.2 coil head lasted me weeks, and still shows no sign of slowing down.

The gripes are the gripes, it’s whatever. I wasn’t expecting The Kroma 217 to be flawless. Overall very impressed and satisfied with this kit from Innokin. Nice fit, nice finish, nice hand feel, excellent vape.

This tube mod honestly has a ton of potential, but unfortunately misfires more often than not. With a proper battery wrap, it will fire pretty regularly. Unfortunately, I just don’t have a lot of those wraps that work at the moment. I was mostly joking about the 24 mm vs 22mm for MTL. I personally would like to see more 18650 22mm MTL stuff available.

I’m actually surprised that CTHULHU MODS didn’t just make that white delrin ring adjustable or spring-loaded. Such a shame on an otherwise really really nice feeling mod. There is a full-mech option for this which does work fine, but again… unless the pin is hitting the battery, it doesn’t much matter what you put on top. Don’t get me wrong, The Cthulhu Tube Mod II is safe and does have a safety mosfet built in. Like I said this is a great idea. Bad execution.

If you want it or not, it’s the Double Barrel V4 from Squid Industries. 200W, dual 18650, bare-bones chip. This is for RDAs and RTAs at higher wattages. The Double Barrel V4 has plenty of power, as does most every other dual 18650 mod on the market.

The look I loved from the OG Double Barrel is kinda lost in favor of a more square feel. It’s fine, I just don’t love it in the same way. The screen / Chip also feel … ehh… slightly remedial to me. After using a DNA100c, this feels like a fisher price chip comparatively.