If there is a pod system I’ve spent the MOST time with during a review, it’s the UWELL Popreel P1 hands down. I don’t love the size of the UWELL Popreel P1, but I really love the way it vapes. This has a tight ( disposable feeling ) airflow. Really stellar flavor.

According to the UWELL “airflow hexagon” these coils are big on “endurance” which I guess means they just last for a really long time. 3+ weeks on this one coil head and it still shows no sign of slowing down. That impresses me.

I’m actually not sure if I said this in the video, but the VooPoo Argus POD is giving me strong V-THRU / V-Mate vibes. Seriously though, this thing vapes awesome. I was only using a 50/50 liquid mix in it, I should have said that in the video. I don’t know right now how well this will hold up to a much thicker juice. The V-Thru / V-Mate pods did, so I have no reason to believe this wouldn’t.

In my Suorin Drop 2 video, I told a whole story about the life of these coil heads and how they start super crispy, then quickly become “fine” and just kinda keep going on being “fine”. These Suorin Air Mini coils do the EXACT SAME THING. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it is a consistent thing.

LOVE the style and handfeel of the Suorin Air Mini, feels very “apple” and I like that. Science and education down below.

The Caliburn G2 coil heads are notorious for being messy. While I have had the occasional messy pod, they do stay clean for the most part. The Caliburn GK2 uses the same pods and coil heads from the Caliburn G2.

The Uwell Caliburn GK2 device itself is pretty rad, it’s much less slender than the other Caliburn AK2 ( Koko ) but still offers a nice hand-feel, and is honestly so lightweight, that you could easily rock it on a lanyard.

Man this Airscream AirsPops Pro Pod is really a damn thing. I’ve used all manner of pods over the years. Probably hundreds of them. This one has really swept me off my feet in a big way.

The draw ( as I said in the video ) is circling perfection. Med/Tight draw, really good flavor, really good auto-switch. I don’t love the power-down feature, but I believe that to be a UK regulation, so I’m not going to hold it against it too badly.

Uwell kinda killed it with this Kalmia pod. FYI I shot this video over 2 weeks ago and it’s still banging along proudly. Flavor hasn’t dipped, quality hasn’t dipped. The one Kalmia Pod battery still has a slightly stiffer airflow, but honestly after using it so much it’s nowhere near a deal-breaker, especially if you are after a tighter draw.

This is what I would consider to be a “tight” draw. Nothing open or loose about it. The Kalmia pod is a hair-trigger.

This SMOK RPM 5 kit really got off to a strong start. Filling it with a 120ml bottle is kind of a pain but not a deal-breaker. The thing vapes EXCELLENT. Truly very good. The vape never feels gurgly or sloppy in any way, but the bottom of the pod / tank will be moist. Almost always and occasionally it gets so bad it comes out the airflow and I kinda can’t stand that.

The form factor is nice, the square pod is nice, the slide fill on top is nice. I don’t love the battery and honestly, I’m not really loving internal battery mods these days. Still better than smoking.