This is the first of a slow trickle of videos that will be going up while I get and recover from hand surgery. Everything from editing to typing this description takes 10 times longer with one functioning left hand lol.

So I’m one of the people that stocked up on G2 coil heads! and they will absolutely be getting used in the TENET KOKO. I think I actually like it more than the stick, which is rare for me.

The new XROS pods are easily some of the most long-lasting pods honestly… in all of vaping. They rarely let me down and never leak, assuming I keep my play area clean. Turned out to be a much bigger fan of the full-size XROS3 rather than the XROS mini. Being able to adjust my airflow ( in an actually good way ) is priceless.

I do not, and did not, attempt the 0.6ohm coil as a restricted direct lung. This Xros 3 was judged purely on its MTL ( Mouth to lung ) vape ability.

I’m hoping what I’m saying makes sense and I hope it’s communicated through my videos. This is how I review pods, I really do believe in spending time with a coil / pod before I can pass judgment on it, I’ve always been like this since “back in the day” of 2015 and 2016.

GrimmGreen reviews were always late because I liked to spend time with a product. Nothing has changed as we get closer to 2023. I still want to spend time actually evaluating a product. Sorry, not sorry. I vape pods like crazy and I’m very hard on them. I hold pods to a VERY high standard.