Welcome friends to tonight’s LIVE VLOG 12/10/20!!! Gates open, come on in !


We will be going through many of the regular segments this week including Beer, Vape Mail, Liquid Tasting and more! I have a surprising amount of mail tonight including something from OhmBoyOC and SMAX!!!..oops.. forgot that one.

Tonight is also RETRO VAPE BOX 10!!! HOLY CRAP! This represents the end of the EPIC RETRO VAPE SERIES we have been doing over the last few weeks. It’s the final tackle box of vape stuff. This is the oldest of the old retro gear from 2009 / 2010 when I first started vaping. I haven’t looked in this box in years, so this should be awesome.

(post stream note, we only got 1/2 though the box, and will finish it next week, wanna give everything proper time and not rush) Of course there will be some news and advocacy sprinkled in there as well. WELCOME!

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