I guess “unique” would be a solid way to explain the BP Mods SURE RTA. Does a stellar MTL and RDL vape. The 1.2mm is my jam for MTL but it does go all the way down to 0.8mm and up to 3mm.

The airflow, while not super smooth, it’s not super sharp or turbulent either, it’s just kinda “fine”. Top cap isn’t nearly as much of an issue as I thought it would be, for the most part, if you treat it like an RDA, you should be good. If the cap came off and sat horizontally for an extended period of time, yeah it would probably make a mess and leak everywhere.

If there is a pod system I’ve spent the MOST time with during a review, it’s the UWELL Popreel P1 hands down. I don’t love the size of the UWELL Popreel P1, but I really love the way it vapes. This has a tight ( disposable feeling ) airflow. Really stellar flavor.

According to the UWELL “airflow hexagon” these coils are big on “endurance” which I guess means they just last for a really long time. 3+ weeks on this one coil head and it still shows no sign of slowing down. That impresses me.

I’m actually not sure if I said this in the video, but the VooPoo Argus POD is giving me strong V-THRU / V-Mate vibes. Seriously though, this thing vapes awesome. I was only using a 50/50 liquid mix in it, I should have said that in the video. I don’t know right now how well this will hold up to a much thicker juice. The V-Thru / V-Mate pods did, so I have no reason to believe this wouldn’t.

In my Suorin Drop 2 video, I told a whole story about the life of these coil heads and how they start super crispy, then quickly become “fine” and just kinda keep going on being “fine”. These Suorin Air Mini coils do the EXACT SAME THING. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it is a consistent thing.

LOVE the style and handfeel of the Suorin Air Mini, feels very “apple” and I like that. Science and education down below.

Ceramic coil heads have been one in the past a bunch, for “cloud chasing” they could never compare with traditional cotton coil heads, then mesh came along and took it even further. BP Mods is trying the ceramic coil heads again with the Pioneer S Tank and man they have come a long way.

The MTL is still kinda less than awesome. Ungodly amounts of liquid are required to prime this thing. The 0.5 restricted lung is absolutely incredible, the airflow gets sharp, but the flavor bangs… it bangs for days and keeps going and bangs harder.

In this video I’m only comparing the Veepon TITA AIO with the DOT AIO V1. I know there is a V2, but I have not tried it yet. Now on to the TITA AIO. As the title says, it’s better than fine, it’s just not amazing.

The handfeel / button placement is great, honestly just like the DOT AIO. The screen is very DNA-ish and is nice and responsive. The TITA AIO does offer a bigger wattage adjustment range than the DOT V1, but the DOT V2 ( which I haven’t tried yet ) does have a screen.

There is kinda no way around it. The TITA RBA ( for the Tita and DOT AIO ) is…lacking in a lot of ways. Mostly in the not good flavor department. The airflow is smooth, the deck is OK ( but the screws are too shallow ) there isn’t much to love here.

It’s a DOT RBA so it seems difficult to mess up. But here we are. Don’t get me wrong, The TITA Rba isn’t completely terrible, chances are if you bought one, it’s fine. Just know there are much better DOT RBAs out there with much better flavor.