This is the first of a slow trickle of videos that will be going up while I get and recover from hand surgery. Everything from editing to typing this description takes 10 times longer with one functioning left hand lol.

So I’m one of the people that stocked up on G2 coil heads! and they will absolutely be getting used in the TENET KOKO. I think I actually like it more than the stick, which is rare for me.

The Caliburn G2 coil heads are notorious for being messy. While I have had the occasional messy pod, they do stay clean for the most part. The Caliburn GK2 uses the same pods and coil heads from the Caliburn G2.

The Uwell Caliburn GK2 device itself is pretty rad, it’s much less slender than the other Caliburn AK2 ( Koko ) but still offers a nice hand-feel, and is honestly so lightweight, that you could easily rock it on a lanyard.