FDA – Protecting US Citizens from “Big Toothpick”

“The FDA has made it clear, we will not tolerate violations of federal tobacco regulations designed to protect the American public – especially underage tobacco sales to youth. In this case, the FDA was prompted to take action because Smart Toothpicks LLC ignored the laws”

This above text is from the most recent press release from the fine and upstanding organization of the Food and Drug Administration.  I’m definitely glad that with everything on their plate they have FINALLY taken action against “Big Toothpick” and their plan to hook kids on nicotine toothpicks.

This is what happens when you invite more government into your life, it will always equal less freedom.  I understand that technically Toothpicks LLC did break federal tobacco regulations, but it begs the question that if a Nicotine toothpick is breaking federal TOBACCO laws,  how silly are those laws to begin with? Also considering that deadly combustible tobacco cigarettes are obviously still very much for sale in every gas station, convenience store and grocery store across the country.

I feel like it makes it pretty clear here by their actions that they do NOT want citizens to have access to anything less harmful that cigarettes.

“you want your nicotine? you’re going to have to die for it”

-FDA probably

FDA In Brief: FDA Warns Maker of Nicotine-Containing Toothpicks of Several Violations, Including Illegal Sales