Redditor / Vaper has lungs of a non-smoker according to CT Scan

A Reddit user by the name of u/CheekyMoneyMama recently posted in the r/electronic_cigarette sub reddit with her anecdotal story of getting a CT scan recently from her doctor. She, like myself are one of the many many vapers that have received news like this from their doctor.

Recently my ENT doctor told me similar things while putting a camera down my throat. Knowing I was a 13 year smoker he said “You would have never known”. Unfortunately to people like Jerome Adams we are nothing but anecdotes. But how many anecdotes does it take before we are no longer anecdotes? Switching is quitting combustion and it boggles my mind that politicians and BodyPart ORGS can’t see past their hatred of JUUL and nicotine.

Read her story below

Hey guys, just wanted to post this as an anecdotal story for those wondering about vaping and lung health. I was an analog pack a day smoker from the ages of 14 through 42 (except for 5 years when I stopped for pregnancies). In 2012 my son gave me an ego joystick for my birthday, and I haven’t smoked an analog cigarette since (I’m 50 now). I’ve long since moved on from the ego and am now (happily) vaping 6mg on a smok stick v8…I’ve been using that for the last couple of years exclusively.

Today I went to get the results of a contrast abdominal CT scan. For those who’ve not had them, it covers a large area..abdomen, liver, kidneys, lungs, and part of heart. As my surgeon was going over the scan with me, he said “well at least you’re a non-smoker!”. I asked what made him say that, and he pointed out how great my lungs looked. I was amazed! I told him that I had been a smoker, but that I’d been vaping exclusively for the last 8 years. He said that he never would have known; that I have the lungs of a non-smoker.

Again, I know this is just one story, but I was just too excited not to post.

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She is 50 years old currently, smoked for roughly 28years and her doctor couldn’t tell she had ever smoked or that she was currently vaping. I know this is just an anecdote ( I just wanted to fit that word one more time in this blog post ) but man that is a powerful anecdote!

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