Full Grimm Episode 1 – Sanders VS Trump VS Vaping VS Tobacco VS Regulations VS THC VS Black Market

Here we go! Episode 1 of The Full Grimm Podcast. Been wanting to do this for a while now, and it looks like today is the day. Hoping to make these weekly as soon as my vacation is over. This Podcast will be my commentary on news and what-not that I want to have a commentary on. Full Grimm mode engaged….

…Again, just as soon as i’m back from Amsterdam. March… firm March timeframe.

Today’s topics!!!! –

Bernie sanders condemns vaping, then walks it back

Donald Trump’s new tobacco specific organization



PS: This Podcast will be appearing here in my regular iTunes / Soundcloud podcast.. ehh.. areas? in an amongst all my other audio like TheVLOG and TuesdayBroTuesday. All in the same “feed” I guess is what i’m trying to say.  Oh as well as right here on GrimmGreen.com



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