Tuesday February 25th 2020 the CDC finally published their final press release regarding the “EVALI” outbreak which started in roughly june 2019.  During these months of investigation by the CDC, the CDC told consumers to stop “vaping” and that “vaping” was the root cause of these lung illnesses.

Gizmodo even reported back in October of 2019 that the CDC was still telling people to “stop vaping” but questioned why stating

The clear link between THC containing products and EVALI has been apparent since nearly the beginning, when cases were first reported in Wisconsin this August. And health officials in some states have been more overt in making a connection between the majority or all of their cases and THC products sold on the black market.

Doctors, political commentators and THR advocates across Twitter all echoed the same message directly at the CDC as well as FDA and Trump himself.  Even the new Surgeon General got on board and helped blamed these lung illnesses on “vaping” rather than the black market additives that actually caused them.

In September of 2019 The New York Times reported that this outbreak was exclusively due to, black market contaminated THC carts, sold by drug dealers.  They even point out that “cannabis enthusiasts” have been wanting people online about this for months.  Even after this the CDC still told consumers to avoid “vaping” regardless of what they were vaping.

Well now we finally have an official press release from the CDC stating that the lung injuries were all caused by vitamin e-acetate, an additive used to thicken THC carts. Nicotine vaping is not even mentioned once.

Will this stop New Jersey from banning nicotine vaping using the lung illnesses as their reasoning? or Utah? or Washington? or California? or New York? or Michigan? whom have all used the lung illnesses as one of their reasons? Was this really just about tax money and MSA bonds?

It’s criminal what the CDC and State Governors have done in the name of “public health”. Can they ever be held accountable? or honestly respected after this? I trust the CDC zero now to handle the Corona Virus if they handle it anything at all like they handled EVALI.