Tell your governor that vape shops are essential services Take Action – Send a Message | Post a Tweet

States are responding to their own outbreaks of COVID-19 by implementing different versions of social distancing and shutting down non-essential services. While some of these businesses are being granted exemptions (for example, restaurants can still offer curbside pick-up and delivery and liquor stores are open with strict social distancing protocols), there are questions about whether or not vape shops are allowed to remain open in any capacity.

Thankfully CASAA has made it incredibly easy to to take action and make your voice heard

Governors need to hear from consumers about how important it is to maintain access to vapor shops–especially in a time of crisis. Under high stress and with limited options, it is very likely that we will see hundreds of thousands of people go back to smoking.

Click Here to visit CASAA and take action to keep vape shops open.  Let them know that it is #EssentialToUs