MTL Coils! M Terk “VS” CoilTurd kinda

It is hard to stress the tiny-ness of these coils. Terks 3 core aliens don’t seem possible by a human. Incredibly intricate and god damn flavor FULL. I don’t want to seem like i’m just craping on Beecher because i’m not.

His claptons are tight and precise and flavorful. These are both top quality coils by some very skilled builders. Terks coils are $25 for a pair. Not bad, not terrible. I’ve had Terk Aliens last me OVER ONE YEAR with regular re-wicks, so i’m interested to see just how far these MTL coils will go. CoilTurd doesn’t have them on his site yet, I don’t think. I couldn’t find them anyway. Turd is sometimes a bit more budget friendly as far as pricing goes, so we have to wait and see.

Terk Coils Turd Coils