Single 18650 Banger – The Hastur Mod – Cthulhu

I said it in the video, i’ll say it here. If this was a 20700 or 21700 It would easily become my all day every day banger. It’s hard after using bigger batteries to go back to a smaller 18650. We used them for years and years and years and they were fine I know. The battery life was never amazing and it’s still not amazing. But I put up with it…

Regardless of that, this is a BANGER. I kinda love the crap out of it. I use it with a Kayfun in regulated mode and I use it with a dripper in bypass mode. Haven’t used the TC becauseā€¦ it’s TC and I just don’t use TC.

Really nice fit and finish, really nice clicky buttons, easy to use interface, stupid comfy to hold. What’s not to love? Would buy this again hands down, i’m considering getting another one in black because I love it so much.

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