The Profile RDTA – Struggling to love it

Upclose 1:12
Pro/con 6:54
Final Thoughts 9:24

At the end of the day, mesh in this format just isn’t for me. I don’t enjoy the overall vape experience I get from an “arch” of mesh stuffed with cotton. When dry hits happen, they are 8,000 times worse that with a wire build IMO. I much prefer the Profile Unity RTA to this RDTA any day of the week.

When wicked correctly the Profile RDTA WILL push juice to your coils, I was incredibly skeptical of its ability to do that, but it turns out I was pleasantly surprised. With some claptons on the new-and-improved Profile Mesh RDTA deck it’s a stellar vape. The new “postless” deck design with separate screws is a pretty brilliant move.

I will say that the Profile RDTA is made really well. All the fit and finish is really nice, and it’s honestly a really well designed RDTA. Having the ability to switch it to an RDA is pretty great and well worth the small asking price.

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