The DragMax is the best product VooPoo has ever released

I know I kind of Poo-Poo’d the magnetic system of the DragX, but it has really really won me over on the DragMax. Swapping out pods to tanks without unscrewing a 510 is surprisingly awesome and satisfying.

I do like the PNP Coil heads as well. Overall they have been nice and flavorful and pretty long lasting. 30-50ml of liquid seems to be about what I can get out of a single coil head. Your mileage might vary.

The RTA is nice, but I don’t know if it’s a “must buy” the capacity is just so small and annoying. I would love to see an RDA for the DragMax system. Otherwise I think VooPoo kinda killed it with the DragMax. Super reliable and not incredibly intimidating for new vapers to get into. And that’s really what I love about it.

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