Be Alert UK Vapers! + Some NON Awful News For A Change

Welcome back to Tuesday Bro NEWSDAY. New name, new co-host / fact checker, same reliable industry news and commentary.

Every Tuesday afternoon for roughly an hour and a half, We will be discussing the topics of the day. As well as current breaking news from the world of vaping, tobacco, nicotine and tobacco harm reduction. Let’s get educated and fight the good fight together!

Today’s topics include: New updated CASAA Call to action for the “vape mail” ban. We are focusing our message on Mitch Mcconnell. Got a heads up for the UK Vapers. Be Alert and ready to fight, non good things are coming to the UK. We also have some non awful news for both San Francisco and California and i’m going to read a spectacular Twitter thread from Zachary Seigel. Additionally Japan is experiencing the lowest recorded smoking rates in the history of the country due to uptake in HNB products like IQOS.

Get informed, fight the power, damn the man

Timestamps, Links and Podcast will all be down below

TIMESTAMPS COURTESY OF JEREMY V Vlog Starts at – 07:11 The Usual Suspects (& Vape Mail Update) – 12:33 TexasMama09 Fundraiser – 34:30 News from Japan – 37:27 California Flavor Ban Update – 44:14 News from the UK – 53:41 Renters & Vaping – 01:24:09 Zachary Siegel – 01:29:29


Veritas Cohort Study
You Don’t Know Nicotine
Canadian Vaping Association
Cochrane Library Meta-analasys
URGENT: Stop Congress from Restricting Online Vape Sales
USA – Vape Consumer Survey 2020
EU nicotine User Survey

Show Specific Links

Hope For Hope – Go Fund Me
Sales of Conventional Cigarettes in Japan Reduce by 34% Since Launch of Heated Tobacco Products
California Flavor Ban Delayed Until 2022
ASH’s Cosy Bloomberg Relationship
The San Francisco Board of Supervisors Rejects Vaping Ban
The Zachary Siegel Thread

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