VLOG! World Vape Day 2021 HYPE! – FOOD Mail – Shiny Mechs

Welcome to tonight’s LIVE VLOG 5/27/21!! #Replaycrew! those timestamps are the fist pinned comment under this video. We will be going through many of the regular segments this week including Beer tasting, Vape Mail, Retro Vaping, Getting To Know GrimmGreen as well as a very random liquid tasting.

Looks like there is a RECORD in the mail again this week so that makes me beyond happy. We are going to be building some #WORLDVAPEDAY hype tonight!! This Sunday, May 30th is WORLD VAPE DAY 2021. We get on social media and we let our voices be heard.
It was a huge success last year and I want to keep that momentum going this year as well. Annoyed at not having a voice in this? now is your chance to be heard on a BIG SCALE.
Full lineup tonight! so chances are we will be running long.


00:00 YOYOY
05:07 Vlog Starts At
07:53 My Favorite Thing
10:00 Beer
15:01 What I’ve Been Vaping
26:59 Happy Birthdays
28:40 News & Advocacy
01:09:14 Pushups
01:15:20 Hydration With Liam
01:20:02 Vape Mail
01:39:06 Camera takes a poop
01:53:51 Random Liquid Tasting
02:03:19 Retro Vape

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