How the Juul Lawsuits Could Crush Vaping

Is the attack on safer nicotine products about public health?

Episode 4 – “MSA 2.0” The tidal wave of lawsuits against e-cigarette maker Juul could be a disaster for the vaping industry and the future of tobacco harm reduction in the United States.

Share this video around everywhere you can. As you can plainly see, this has seemingly always been about funding rather than “public health”. When there are no more dragons left to slay, what does CFTFK do? create one out of vaping, legislate it into some sort of MSA2.0 despite being a reduced harm product, all to keep revenue flowing. It’s gross beyond words. Want references for everything? don’t worry, Danielle provides them in the description of her video.

Well freaking done Danielle Jones. I love this video and I can’t wait for more. I know first hand the amount of work that she put into this and it was well worth it. Let’s get this some views so she does another one!