TBN! Tobacco Free Nicotine BAN!! AVA President Gregory Conley Is Here

Welcome back to TBN. Industry news, advocacy, and information. Today’s Topics Include: First time on the show I believe, it’s Gregory Conley!! President of the American Vaping Association, White House Meeting attending Gregory Conley. The man the myth the legend Gregory Conley! He is here for the whole stream, so get some questions ready.

Sorry about the crud audio, it was completely my fault.


05:08 TBN Starts
06:23 Synthetic Nicotine Ban
25:25 Impact at a Local Level / PMTA
31:49 Juul
37:21 Black Market
54:32 Impact on Native American Reservations
55:54 How Optimistic is Greg Conley?
01:03:37 Quitting Vaping

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