Hello and Welcome!!! WELCOME AND HELLO!!!!!!! We are back baby!! home from Germany / Dubai and I’m ready to VLOG ( for 5 hours ) and oh man this is going to be a long one. That’s what she said. I have honestly way too much mail this week.

In addition to that, I also have a small “haul” from Dubai, and a much bigger “haul” from the Hall Of Vape show in Germany. I have a lot to discuss tonight and yeah I’m going to touch on the useless, anti-science JUUL ban.

I guess “unique” would be a solid way to explain the BP Mods SURE RTA. Does a stellar MTL and RDL vape. The 1.2mm is my jam for MTL but it does go all the way down to 0.8mm and up to 3mm.

The airflow, while not super smooth, it’s not super sharp or turbulent either, it’s just kinda “fine”. Top cap isn’t nearly as much of an issue as I thought it would be, for the most part, if you treat it like an RDA, you should be good. If the cap came off and sat horizontally for an extended period of time, yeah it would probably make a mess and leak everywhere.

If there is a pod system I’ve spent the MOST time with during a review, it’s the UWELL Popreel P1 hands down. I don’t love the size of the UWELL Popreel P1, but I really love the way it vapes. This has a tight ( disposable feeling ) airflow. Really stellar flavor.

According to the UWELL “airflow hexagon” these coils are big on “endurance” which I guess means they just last for a really long time. 3+ weeks on this one coil head and it still shows no sign of slowing down. That impresses me.