VLOG! Hall Of Vape HAUL! | Too Much Mail | Dubai Was? Also MEAD!

Hello and Welcome!!! WELCOME AND HELLO!!!!!!! We are back baby!! home from Germany / Dubai and I’m ready to VLOG ( for 5 hours ) and oh man this is going to be a long one. That’s what she said. I have honestly way too much mail this week.

In addition to that, I also have a small “haul” from Dubai, and a much bigger “haul” from the Hall Of Vape show in Germany. I have a lot to discuss tonight and yeah I’m going to touch on the useless, anti-science JUUL ban.

We also have some Mead tonight from Facemeat… it’s FaceMead! I want to do some building as well one some new stuff I got so… LETS GOOOOO

Gate is open, come on in. Link explosion will be below.


**Courtesy of The Wee Baby Seamus

00:00:00 Dubai yo
00:04:50 Hello And Welcome
00:06:34 Watch the hair
00:07:21 Rundown
00:11:29 Beer or should we say MEAD!
00:27:52 News and Advocacy
01:12:18 What I’ve been, well, you know
01:21:31 Birthdays (without the song)
01:23:00 Dubai
01:38:22 Dubia Haul
01:51:32 Birthdays (with the song)
01:55:00 RIPSAW
02:23:30 The Purge
02:32:21 Mail Time
03:11:47 Still Mail
03:33:00 And More Mail
03:52:53 Spotting bad Science
03:55:22 H.O.V.
04:01:45 H.O.V. Haul
04:33:03 Random Liquid Tasting
04:37:34 Eye contact

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