INTERACTIVE ADVOCACY TODAY!!! Welcome back to TBN. Vape industry news, advocacy, and information. Today’s Topics Include: Raja Krishnamoorthi recently said “There is simply no evidence that vaping helps smokers quit”. I am gobsmacked he can say that with a straight face. So today we are collecting, discussing, and politely tweeting vape science #Science4RAJA for the whole stream today.

This is going to be advocacy and activism in motion. If you don’t have a Twitter. Sign up for Twitter and get involved.

IT IS FINALLY MOTHER TRUCKING THURSDAY!! VLOG DAY WOOO! Ok Let’s just have a rad as hell, posi-core VAPE VLOG!! Welcome! those timestamps are the fist pinned comment under this video. Going to be doing a whole mess of liquid tastings tonight!! I’ll explain everything we we truck through the segments tonight including Beer, Retro Vapings, a whole LOAD of vape mail, Getting to know GrimmGreen and some news.

Same as last week, after 10 years of truly relentless advocacy…. i’m… f***ing spent. So there will be a little rage news tonight, nothing new there. Defend VAPING!

Welcome to tonight’s LIVE VLOG 5/13/21!! #Replaycrew! Those timestamps are the first pinned comment under this video. We will be going through many of the regular segments this week including Beer tasting, Vape Mail ( RECORDS AND RTAS! ), Retro Vaping ( where we do some more round wire hand wrapping ) as well as a very random liquid tasting.

Going to have a different Getting-to-know-grimmgreen tonight again. Less embarrassing for me, and more… cringey for me I guess. Full lineup tonight! so chances are we will be running long.

Welcome back to Tuesday Bro Tuesday. Same show by name only. STREAM STARTS AT 3:02 TUESDAY BRO TUESDAY 5/19/20

Each week for roughly an hour and a half we will all be discussing the topics of the day. As well as current breaking news from the world of vaping, nicotine and tobacco harm reduction.

Today’s Topics include: Discrediting the myth making machine. I watched the Reason Covid / Vaping panel and wanted to talk about it. Cuomo doesn’t care about his citizens health, neither does Congressmen Raja Krishnamoorthi. Also Nicotine Caps? Time for some cathartic rage sweat.  Links for everything are below