TBN! Raja Krishnamoorthi Vape Science Spectacular! #Science4RAJA

INTERACTIVE ADVOCACY TODAY!!! Welcome back to TBN. Vape industry news, advocacy, and information. Today’s Topics Include: Raja Krishnamoorthi recently said “There is simply no evidence that vaping helps smokers quit”. I am gobsmacked he can say that with a straight face. So today we are collecting, discussing, and politely tweeting vape science #Science4RAJA for the whole stream today.

This is going to be advocacy and activism in motion. If you don’t have a Twitter. Sign up for Twitter and get involved.

Be Informed, Trust Science, Defend Vaping

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Danielle Jones
Grimm Green
Raja Krishnamoorthi


00:00 Hold Please
04:52 TBN On The Air
10:54 Raja Tweet 1
15:29 Truth Initiative Ad Campaign
21:53 Raja Tweet 2
24:00 Turning Point Brands Sues FDA
28:15 Nicotine Tax / Call to Action
34:52 JUUL V2
38:24 Raja Tweet 3
41:14 Amanda Wheeler Speech
46:05 The Main Thing (Raja Krishnamoorthi)
01:01:19 Raja Tweet 4
01:13:49 Jacob Sullum Article
01:30:48 Raja Tweet 5

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