Hello and welcome, welcome and hellooooooooo! We’re back from “The Summer Of Nick” and holy crap I’m ready to dish out some hot VLOG action. Feelin good today and I believe we have a full full schedule. Obviously running long tonight.

Let’s see… Beer yes, Retro yes, Mail yes, News yes, Building something? YAS! Random liquid tasting, yes. A crazy embarrassing story that happened during the Patreon – YOYOY – Knots Berry Farm meet-up… unfortunately, yes.

Welcome friends to tonight’s LIVE VLOG 3/11/21!!! Timestamps are the first pinned comment under this video. We will be going through many of the regular segments tonight including Beer, Vape Mail, Liquid Tasting, Retro Vaping and more.

I have some VERY RAD mail tonight from Tanner that I think is a LINK’D!! We have some RAD news from the UK and from a former American Cancer Society leader. I have a RAD beer from Mr DimLitKnight. Should be RAD vlog tonight and there will be a Getting To Know GrimmGreen because I want to talk about RAD and add some songs to the playlist!

Welcome everyone, The Rad Gate is open, come on in!