THE VLOG! Back-Attack! Running Long + A Crazy embarrassing story

Hello and welcome, welcome and hellooooooooo! We’re back from “The Summer Of Nick” and holy crap I’m ready to dish out some hot VLOG action. Feelin good today and I believe we have a full full schedule. Obviously running long tonight.

Let’s see… Beer yes, Retro yes, Mail yes, News yes, Building something? YAS! Random liquid tasting, yes. A crazy embarrassing story that happened during the Patreon – YOYOY – Knots Berry Farm meet-up… unfortunately, yes.

Maybe some Getting to know GrimmGreen in there as well. We might do a band review if we have time.


00:00:00 Lake Tahoe CA
00:06:04 Hello And Welcome
00:11:55 Beer
00:20:06 Knott’s Berry Farm Teaser
00:22:20 Grimm Green Merch Booth Sale
00:23:01 5-Minute Hold Screen Videos Desired
00:35:19 What I’ve Been Vaping
00:42:40 News & Advocacy
01:24:27 Birthdays
01:26:55 Vape Mail
02:01:53 Build-A-Thing
02:54:19 The Embarrassing Story
03:14:58 Random Liquid Tasting
03:30:14 Assignment Planet Globe
03:31:29 Getting to Know Grimm Green

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