What else could I say about the Magnus mech squonk here that I didn’t say in the video? I dunno. I kinda wanna put a sick sticker on the back, or maybe send it off to get powder-coated white, because that would look baller.

I like it, I’m happy to have one, but $260 is a lot of money, and that’s how much the Magnus will cost ya, minimum. I Think Infinite Modz did a solid job on this, it’s not their best work ever, but it’s pretty great. Here’s the thing, it’s better than fine.

Add this video to the pile of positive reviews for the Bushido V3 RDA, because it really is a banger. The deck is mostly really easy, but can be a little finicky. It’s worth it because the flavor on the Bushido V3 RDA is awesome sauce 500.

The Bushido squonk is pretty rad, and I LOVE the bottom fill on it. I Don’t love the form factor ( just a box) and I don’t love the play on the door, for the money I’m not expecting perfection, but I also don’t want rattle on the door.

Dug this squonk as soon as I set it up, after YEARS of not using a squonk even with the Pulse RDA it was treating me really nice. I CAN’T BELIEVE this thing got me squonking again, but the hand feel of the Avalanche V2 is incredible beyond words. Having a 21700 / 20700 mechanical squonk in this small of a form factor is truly awesome. I already mentioned this SnowCapMods Avalanche V2 hits hard. Still that.

As I said in my other SnowCapMods video, the printing is nice. He explains on his site how he does it, but it’s nice. For the sub $100 price point, it looks and feels very nice.