Avalanche V2 Squonk | SnowCapMods | Squonking Again!

Dug this squonk as soon as I set it up, after YEARS of not using a squonk even with the Pulse RDA it was treating me really nice. I CAN’T BELIEVE this thing got me squonking again, but the hand feel of the Avalanche V2 is incredible beyond words. Having a 21700 / 20700 mechanical squonk in this small of a form factor is truly awesome. I already mentioned this SnowCapMods Avalanche V2 hits hard. Still that.

As I said in my other SnowCapMods video, the printing is nice. He explains on his site how he does it, but it’s nice. For the sub $100 price point, it looks and feels very nice.

Kinda two-handed operation, one-handed is possible but not ideal. I can not put any shopping links but the Mayo Clinic did a study of 70,000 patients and found no link between vaping and covid19, imagine that? politicians lied.

!!!ALSO HEY!!!
Again, if I can explain. SnowCapMods didn’t pay me any money for this video. They donated the mod for this video. According to YouTube that mod is something “of value” so I have to mark that Paid Promotion box. It’s just YouTube’s stupid ass system that doesn’t mean anything.

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