No one advertises vaping to kids quite like anti-vaping groups

Take a look at these anti vaping adds from the Philippines and you tell me what you think the intent of them is. To scare kids away from vaping? Or to actually advertise to them?

“These things you can’t have taste like cotton candy little buddy!” “All your friends are doing it, but you shouldn’t”

In the US when I was 13 I had D.A.R.E. To get me interested in drugs, drinking and smoking. This is like D.A.R.E. On another level. Whomever thinks that these types of adverts would actually be effective in preventing youths from experimenting with vices, doesn’t understand much about “youths” and are truly and honestly part of the problem.

Scare tactics mixed with full on lies. What could possibly go wrong? Curiosity was the number one reason given by youths on the 2018 NYTS as to why they tried vaping in the first place. I think it’s pretty clear who and what is making them curious

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. The anti vapers do a better job of marketing e-cigs to kids than any influencer ever could.