AG Ashley Moody is clueless – WHO is clueless – YouTube is clueless

Welcome back to Tuesday Bro Tuesday. Same show by name only. Each week for roughly an hour and a half we will all be discussing the topics of the day. As well as current breaking news from the world of vaping, nicotine and tobacco harm reduction.

Today’s Topics include: Discrediting the myth making machine. Florida AG Ashley Moody is clueless, WHO is clueless ( but also kind of gets it right somehow) And YouTube is clueless and appears to hate smokers.

Time for some cathartic rage sweat. All links from the show will be below

STREAM STARTS AT 3:07 Ashley Moody is at 48:59

NYSVA.ORG Save Rey YeatesAshley Moody’s Lies Ashley Moody’s Tweet ( Incase you wanted to say anything to her ) – Henry Martin For CongressIndependent Women’s Forum (WHO LIES) – Libertarian Party ( we would love to have you ) – ( Set up by the Libertarian National Committee )

There is usually a podcast version of this stream, but YouTube is further being a dick and not letting me download my own video at the moment.