COGRTA – Use More Cotton Than You Think You Need

At the end of the day the COGRTA is a real true MTL tank. No chance of any sort of restricted lung so throw that right our of your head. I had to use a LOT more cotton than I thought I would. The wicking is keeping up perfectly.

Solid construction, solid flavor, sure the bottom is clear to show off the “cogs” but I don’t think anyone is buying it simply for that so I don’t really see it as a gimmick, the airflow is actually pretty innovative and takes a page out of some “hemo” mods but executes it better and in a much less fiddly manner. The airflow goes tighter than a lot of MTL tanks on the market as well.

Matt’s Original COG RTA reveal video. I’m still shocked that his wicking somehow worked and didn’t flood the deck with liquid. Maybe it’s just my bad luck.

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