VLOG! 7/9/20 OhmBoyOC’s “GOD JUICE”?! – IQOS did it – Also SHARP KNIVES CUT NICK

Welcome friends to tonight’s LIVE VLOG 7/9/20!!!

We will be going through many of the regular segments this week including Beer, Retro Vaping, Liquid Tasting and more. Got some mail this week that i’m very excited about. Including one from MY NEW ACTUAL SPONSOR! yeah you read that correctly.

I’m also hoping that Duane’s “god juice” HEADZ Juice arrives today. He has been ranting and raving about the greatest juice he has ever made, and I want to vape it! so welcome everyone, Gates open, come on in!!

All pertinent links and timestamps will be available down below

[TIMESTAMPS] **Superchats are at the end of each segment Vlog Starts at – 03:53 My Favorite Thing is at – 06:14 Beer is at – 12:20 What I’ve Been Vaping is at – 22:50 Vape Mail is at – 38:09 News & Advocacy is at – 54:32 Random Liquid Tasting is at – 01:34:59 Retro Vaping is at – 01:58:57

Courtesy of Jeremy V

GTKGG – The Jamz – Spotify Playlist

Volunteers Needed for LARGE vape study

Netherlands Flavor Ban Petition

Hawaii bans flavors , because wrong reasons

Henry Martin – Freedom Matters

Protecting Tax Payers Letter To House Republicans

Sen John Coryn created the Anti-Vape-mail bill


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