RCM Mods – Katana – 21700 Mech Mod

Even though they are pricey, I don’t know how RCM Mods can sell mechs that are this high of a quality at the price they do and still offer free worldwide shipping. These are solid and NICE mech mods. The machining, the engraving, the fit and finish are all top notch. Truly and honestly very very nice.

Feels real nice in the hand, the engravings add an extra level of texture and “grippy-ness” that I’m really enjoying. The button throw is a short “medium” throw. Feels strong, but not like a RIG 5LB spring or anything.

I realized I was using the 20700 adapter backward, but it doesn’t much matter because my 20700 batteries still can’t fit through the ring. Kind of a bummer, your milage may vary. the only 20700 batteries I have are eFest ( which I don’t use in a single battery mech ) Golisi and Molicell. Other 20700 batteries might work.

It’s honestly a SUPER rad mech that has made a fine addition to my collection.