Build Stream – DRUGA V2 RDA – In 42 Min or Less

Druga V2 just arrived in the mail on last weeks VLOG video and i’m really excited to give it a try. I never gave the original DRUGA RDA a proper go-around so this should be interesting. The deck already looks strange to me. GIANT electrician style finger screws on here, which i’m assuming kinda make this a tool-less install? maybe it’s also to reduce the chamber on the inside? We will find out together.



Not a bad little RDA. As I said in the stream, you can’t get the screws tight enough with just your fingers. I cranked and cranked and they still slipped out a bit. Gotta finish them off with a screw driver. Tabs in the deck click into notches in the barrel to always keep that airflo centered ( and for screwing it on and off of mods )

Some descent airflow adjustments as well. Close off the top row if you want. Two on the side, 4 on the side. They all feel pretty good. The tighter the airflow, the better the flavor IMO. Overall it’s a pretty nice RDA. Nothing really innovative or revolutionary, just easy and nice to vape.

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