Sudden Tuesday Build ‘n Chill!! After my recent love affair with some RDTas like the Artemis and the Kumo RDTA and the B-01 for boro, I decided I just wanna try a whole mess of RDTAs! Build em, vape em ( with round wire most likely ), compare em, and discuss why they are suddenly awesome now haha.

Gate is open, come on in, let’s build ‘n chill with some RDTAs fam.

The volume is corrected very early on. I’m not saying this is a regular thing again, but 2 weeks ago was fun, so this week we are going to get into the 520 tank ( Boro Bridge ) from CTHULHU mods. Been really impressed with the CTHULHU AIO so far and this looks quite cool. MTL from a 0.8 on the 520 tank all the way up to a 4mm! radical. In addition to the 520, we’re also doing another SUPERGRIMM tasting. I’m trying to narrow down my options and you guys are helping and it’s awesome.

This isn’t the final review for this product, literally an unboxing and initial setup, maybe some first impressions in there as well. Full review for the 520 coming soon.

Some early “dangle clacks” with the volume but we get it sorted out. So it’s been a min since we have been here on a Monday, but I felt like today was a good day to do a little stream with the Ceò by MT Essentials.

Mark Todd has released a boro bridge for the billet box and I’m terribly excited to use it. I’ve heard a lot already, gotten a lot of tips already so this should be FUN! I’ll post all my post stream thoughts on the Ceò down below as well as do a full-on, banana sticker review for the Ceò by MT Essentials.

Monday Grogan Build Sesh!! It’s been too long since we had a proper GROGAN build sesh so here it is. Sam the Vaping Bogan is joining us. We are going to be playing with some new stuff from Vaperz Cloud.

We both received a Valkyrie 30mm RTA 2021 edition AAAAND a Valhalla V2 RDA (mini) in the mail and they are totally getting built tonight. Might even toss some sort of Retro vape in there for fun. I am Loki… of Asgard… Odinson and Bogan dressed up as my crush evidently. Rough timestamps are also below.

Despite everything that happened, we STILL got a successful Framed Staple Coil inside the Eclipse RTA… holy crap it happened.

It’s Build ‘n Chill Monday! WOOO!! friend of the stream Twisted Messes is back today to be our sherpa up coil building mountain. When Kent was out a few weeks ago we did some building and chilling “off the air” and one of the things that we build was a framed staple coil. This is a beastly coil that really all comes down to prep more than anything else.

It’s Build ‘n Chill Monday! WOOO!! Friend of the stream Twisted Messes is back today to be our sherpa up coil building mountain. Nick Devine was on last week and introduced me to 2 core aliens coils and I want to succeed with these desperately, so I’m going in again. Took 3 times, but I finally got enough for a single coil. Hell yeah.

Twisted Messes also made some GODERTTON coils that I’m trying to get him to build me a set of. I need him to explain this sorcery of coil building.

It’s Build ‘n Chill Monday! In addition to Twisted Messes joining us again, today we are also being joined by the legendary builder Nick Devine ( @N.Devine86 ). When we talk about “OG” coil builders we often talk about people Kent and Squidoode and Blue Eyed Goon, but Nick Devine is an unsung OG Coil builder. In addition to his impressive Instagram following, Nick Devine has also been doing coil building lessons on YouTube for years now. He helped me today and gave me some great insight into doing a proper Alien. I’m going to practice these 2 core Alien coils Nick! THANKS!

Kent is here AGAIN today to join our Build ‘n Chill and to bestow his years of expertise and experience upon us. Any coil building questions? This is the guy to ask. I think today we’re going to Build ‘n Chill some Staggered Fused Claptons into my Haku Phenom RDA with Kent. Aliens are also always on the table, I got a drill clamp and a few other tools and odds and ends to help with building them that I want to give a try. Everything kinda suddenly “clicks” for me at about 02:40:32

Come Build ‘n Chill with me and Twisted Messes, gates open come on in.

Let’s give a warm welcome to the one and only legendary Twisted Messes ( Kent ). He has probably got more time on this YouTube than anyone else I can think of. We have been international travel buds for years and years and years. I’m honored to be able to call Kent a close friend. Kent was one of the OG coil builders back in the day, he along with a handful of others pushed coil building to RIDICULOUS new places.

YO BUILD ‘N CHILL WOOO! Alright, let’s settle down. Just getting this Monday started as we do with some building and chilling time. Spending today doing a bit of a refresher I guess. I did a successful single-coil Alien last week, but I have by no means “Mastered” anything yet. So the plan today is to get a nice set of dual-core fused claptons for the new Wotofo SRPNT RDA and then get enough Alien wire for a DUAL COIL today for my Type Two RTA. Boom Roasted