Hall Of Vape 2022 | Incredible Vape Show

I tried my best to get names / companies along with the gear but.. it doesn’t always line up. If you see anything you recognize, call it out with a timestamp in the chat.

I really hope this video shows how great this event actually was. I haven’t been to a … for lack of a better term “True” vape show in a very long time. This reminds me of ECC 2014, or any of the old Vape Showcase shows we used to have. Packed with hardware, high-end hardware, and craft liquids, it was awesome.

Shoutout to Ira and Dennis from HOV for being my transportation and tour guides. German vapers should be very very proud of this show.

Many people told me that “last year was bigger and better”, the thing is… I don’t know the difference, so compared to vape shows in US, Dubai or even UK ( 100% Dispsobles ) this show is a true change of pace. Back to our roots of craft vaping. I was completely blown away.