VLOG! Band Review! #RomanceMechanics | Abolish FDA | Much Less Mail

Well hello and welcome, welcome and hello! Getting back in the groove with some hot VLOG Day action. Going to be keeping tonight to a reasonable time frame. Although 5 hours just kinda flew by last week right?

Anyway… We have a mother truckin band review tonight. Some of you may remember Ileigha and the Romance Mechanics. Well, I have their new single and we have been given permission to review it live tonight.

Some mail, but much less mail than last week thank GOD. Beer, yes. Retro vape, probably. Liquid tasting yes. Building a thing I got in Germany? Man, I hope so. Trying to keep this under 5 hours.

Gate is open, come on in. Link explosion will be below.


**Courtesy of The Wee Baby Seamus

00:00:00 Hold Please
00:04:50 Hello And Welcome
00:07:40 Rundown
00:11:51 BEER
00:20:39 What I’ve been Enjoying
00:31:30 News and Advocacy
00:56:00 BUUUURRRP
01:03:23 Mathew’s Video
01:05:35 Proxima/GT4S
01:12:33 Assignment Planet
01:21:29 That One Thing
01:26:33 One More Time!
01:36:22 Birthday Song
01:37:46 Band Review
01:40:38 GTKGG
01:44:54 Romance Mechanics – Band Review
01:57:05 Mail Time
02:02:21 Happy B-Day Paul
02:10:31 What Should I Build?
02:15:05 The Pandemic RDA
02:46:01 A Very Random Liquid Tasting
02:57:02 Jord Cherry Black Currant
03:16:58 DIXXON off, Sort of
03:20:24 LOVE

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