Build ‘N Chill! RTAS | The Kayfun X | The Rest You Decide

Sudden Tuesday Build ‘n Chill!! It’s just been a bit too long since we got to hang out and have a Build ‘n Chill. I have a hard time fitting these into my schedule, but today felt like a good fit. We are trying to focus on RTAs today.

I have that Kayfun X STILL unbuilt, as well as a few other brand new RTA’s still un-built. We’re just winging it, so i’m going to let you guys choose and decide what to build. Other than the KayFun X, we are totally finally building that RTA.

::EDIT:: So here’s what actually happened. It was a trainwreck, nothing worked, I ruined everything, burnt everything and broke everything. WHAT ARE THE GEARS ON THE KAYFUN X FOR?!

Gate is open, come on in, let’s build ‘n chill with some RDTAs fam. If I mention any links they will be below.


23:44 WizVapor Mecha RBA
57:27 Kayfun X RTA
02:08:08 Aspire Neeko RTA