Temple 28MM RTA – Build / Rundown in 65 min or less

Temple RDA 28mm from VapersCloud arrived and i’m DYING to get to vapin it. I’m coming at this pretty blind so it should be interesting. I love the ASGARD mini for the most part, and I have a feeling this will fix the issue I have with the ASGARD, while also maintaining what I LOVE about that ASGARD. Anyway, i’ve got some coils and i’m ready to build.


Not entirely shocking I had some difficulty getting this built up. The original 3.5mm AJ Holland HighOHM aliens were just a bit too big. Even the 3mm coils I ended up putting in here are a bit of a tight fit. I feel like a 2.5mm coil would be ideal. The posts are honestly a little far apart for my tastes, I ended up spacing my coils out a bit ( at the suggestion of the chat ) and got em in pretty well.

The vape from this RDA is top notch IMO. Nice ( plentiful ) airflow, fairly smooth, solid flavor and best of all… no spit back. This might have dethroned the Asgard Mini for my favorite banger from VapersCloud, but time will tell on that one.