RYE RDA vs RYE 1.2 RDA – Build / Rundown in 50min or less

Hold Screen ends at 4:57

Welcome to the monday build stream, today we are going to be comparing the original RYE rda and the RYE 1.3 RDA. This is unfortunately one of my least favorite things that happens in the vape world. Within the span of less than 3 months from the original the RDA 1.2 was released.

I will say, I do think the RYE1.2 is the far superior RDA as compared to the original and were going to talk about why. I apologize, this stream ended up being 50 min long!!! likeā€¦ what the heck? no reason for that, I just get caught up in the fun I guess.

Link – On 99Wraps.com