The Endura M18 is for smokers

Really just a great product for smokers and vapers looking for a solid coil head based MTL ( mouth to lung ) “pod” system. It’s hard to call this strictly a “pod” system just because of the size. Regardless, the Endura M18 is legit solid.

As far as coil head life goes, 2 of the coil heads lasted me about 30mls, another only lasted a few days, but these last two have both been going strong well after the 30ml mark.

After now having used it over two months ..

… it’s still really solid. The coil heads held up pretty well to the ‘leave them and let them sit for a while” test, minimal post gurgles. Started vaping really well after a flick or two.

Retained the flavor pretty well, didn’t feel or taste too funky. I still like the form factor on this one quite a bit. I still also play with the pod quite a bit as well so there’s that.

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