VooPoo – Argus PRO – Hard not to love

VooPoo and their magnetic PNP coils system has really won me over man. The Argus Pro is a rad little piece of hardware. Doesn’t feel cheap or rough around the edges in any way. Over the years VooPoo has stepped up their quality game and it shows on this. Just feels really nice in the hand.

The Argus ( little guy ) version does have some limitations including no auto-draw feature and no firing any coils .015 and below. The screen on it is also a little bit more “simple” traditional LCD looking screen. Even for being a lot smaller than the Pro, it still feels real nice and techy in the hand.

I dig the VooPoo Argus Pro quite a bit and like the Drag Max I think it’s going to be hanging out on the desk for a long while. The damn PNP magnetic coil system is just so easy to fall into. Especially with the inclusion of the MTL tank and MTL coil heads, there isn’t a lot these PNP compatible mods can’t do.

A month later and it’s still hanging out on my desk. The more I use the auto draw function of it, the more I wish more devices had it. Even going back to the VooPoo Drag X ( Which they sent me in dark blue leather and it looks boss as fuck ) it doesn’t have that auto draw and it legit bums me out.

Still a banger

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